Quarantine Diary – A Day in Our Lives

For the first time in our lives, we’re all synced to one cycle. We’re united by our experiences, struggles, and helplessness. Turns out, lives look a little similar in free fall. Here’s an illustration of how my days go – how about you?

The concept of days now is – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This is what every week looks like.
Must get someone’s dog in the frame – that’s the only thing which keeps us going!
Also, subscribe to workout plans to put conscience at ease.
It feels overwhelming – so much is happening all at once. How do we cope?
Here’s a reminder – it’s enough that you cope with the stress of it.
There’s no better time to be the person we all keep aspiring towards.
We’re building a life on a virtual scape, and it isn’t all that bad.
What was the last text you sent to your friend?
An unscheduled family reunion – gratitude where it’s due.