Reflection: What Summer Internships should not be about

As the summer of 2017 reaches on the brink of bidding adieu, the sweet reminiscences of colleges soften our vision of the place we rile about 11 months of the year. About 60 days ago, you made the pragmatic choice of option for a summer internship for multiple reasons. A, a much-needed resume padding. B, experience, because you need to know if a particular niche appeals to you. C, contacts and other avenues. Accounting for all these factors along with the hackneyed ideology of ‘Sab kar rahe hai toh main bhi!‘ has led you to choose this road often taken. While the pros of interning outweigh the cons, an internship is a lucrative opportunity for young minds, and should not be reduced for ornamental purposes.

The work experience column in our resumes acts as a cushion and offsets all the woes one might encounter during this journey. There is no contention with regards to the utility of the internship which has occupied your summer, but ensure that the experience is not restricted to that. Every action you commit and every challenge you undertake should be driven by the vision to learn and gain familiarity of the world you want to venture in.

Let’s face it: the tiny sum of money which you might receive at the end of a month or two acts as the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It’s what keeps you motivated at times, and the euphoric vision of being paid for your hard work is a thought which ignites sudden happiness. However, exercise caution here. Choosing an internship with the sole criterion of the stipend received might not lead to the best learning experience.

Venturing into the real world is no cakewalk, but it’s the wake-up call we all need and sometimes seek. The journey is not set-out to be convenient or easy or delightful; it’s a series of hurdles which are designed to test you to bring out the best in you. When you set foot in your office a month back, you might have either loved it or hated it. You might have tried your best to display the creamy layer of your capabilities and adapt your working environment. As important as it is to be persistent with efforts and not give up, draw the line between ‘can’ and ‘should.’ The work pressure might cross all charts, but if you like what you do, it will always bode well with you. However, if the only thought that looms over head when you think about your job relates to the certificate or stipend, then hit pause and re-evaluate. Summers are a time to recuperate from the stress of the year, and if you spend every night dreading the thought of tomorrow, it might not be the best facet to indulge your skills in.

It’s a long road ahead, with every milestone rushing in to challenge every fiber of your intellectual being. Soak in the rays of opportunities and challenges before the sun begins to take a toll on you.