The World of Extremes

Forget everything you think you know; for certain thought processes of polarities have been internalised by us as a society.

A renowned philosopher once connected the idea and life cycle of culturalism to be analogous to that of a product. Yes, a service which is being endeavoured to be sold by the society, and is presented to us in all shapes and forms. Each culture claims to be the leading embodiment of ideas, trying to rope in malleable minds. Two processes begin to churn as this sale of ideology commences: the reducing of civilisation into the predictability of two kinds, and the minimisation of anything out of the ordinary. What may sound to be irrelevant is veritably an unconsciously acknowledged, if not accepted, truth. For, we live in a world of extremes, and these immoderations have never been greater.

Reflect back on the societal notions of gender labeling, religious association, and the complexities of our existence. Every element has been adulterated by bifurcations, conveniently divided into two. Trail back to the times of childhood, when you’re either supposed to be a boy or a girl and all hues of gender fluidity become covered with a lens of impossibility. The years of teenage when your mind was muddled with forming an opinion on anything and everything you say; one expected you to be either deeply immersed in the notions of deifications or your disrespect towards religion is seen as a primary offense, and either your jingoism should be palpable by the iterations of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ or you’ll be termed as an anti-nationalist. And now, on walking the crossroads of college life, questions related to being alive and our emotions often pop back to us. Love and hate, life and death; words of polarities don’t do justice to the emotions felt and the struggles endured.

The society and we always oscillate between schisms of ideologies, failing to acknowledge and respect the shades that may lie between the blacks and whites of life. When we widen the keyhole of our doors, the spectrum of livelihoods is accounted into our view of the world. The possibility of making a choice between the polarities is the flicker of hope and liberation the age of today needs, allowing us to rise from the ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ and move towards a ‘maybe.’ Let the world not decide what is mad or what is wrong, let the world not tell you how you’re supposed to feel; for the bandwidth of our existence should not be reduced to banalities!